Our Holiday Traditions

Christmas is only three days away… can you believe it?! I certainly can’t. This season has flown by.

To me, Christmas is all about family. This year my fiancé and I are celebrating our first Christmas as our own family. This means we get to incorporate some of our families’ traditions into our own. We are having a blast!

I wanted to take a minute and share some of my favorite Christmas traditions. What traditions are your favorite?

  • Christmas Eve dinner at Mom’s.
    My mom invites all of the family and friends we grew up with, and we gather around the dinner table to eat. There’s always lots of laughter and good food.
  • Christmas Eve pajamas.
    Mrs. Claus sent my fiancé and I some matching flannel PJs via FedEx this year so we can open them on Christmas Eve. 😉 Yeah, we’re cheesy like that.
  • Waffle sundaes for breakfast.
    I think this is my favorite tradition- on Christmas morning, we have waffle sundaes at my mom’s for breakfast! It’s a total indulgence meant for that one special day a year.
  • Presents and hanging out at Dad’s.
  • Gingerbread house making.
  • Dinner at my Uncle’s.
    We see my Dad’s family on average twice a year, and Christmas is one of those days! It’s always great to catch up with my cousins and play a round of pool.
  • Dessert at my in laws.
    The day always ends on a great note when we open presents and eat dessert with my in laws.
  • Finally, go home and snuggle up!
    Peppermint hot chocolate, warm blankets and PJs. The perfect holiday ending.

Christmas is a crazy day, but a great one. This is also the last Christmas  E and I are guaranteed to spend together due to the nature of his career. Secretly, I think he’s excited about missing all of the craziness and celebrating on a more relaxing day instead! But I’m cherishing every moment, and I hope you and your family are as well! ❤

From my family to your’s, I hope you have a very merry Christmas!



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