Happy Valentine’s Day!/February’s “Spread The Love” Challenge

Happy Valentine’s Day, webiverse! Call me cheesy, but I love Valentine’s Day. Always have. Even when I was single I loved it because it was an opportunity to spoil myself with self-love and spoil my friends with love, too. That’s what I think the holiday is really about- love in all forms, not just romantic.…… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!/February’s “Spread The Love” Challenge

How To Spot (& Slay) An Energy Vampire

Everyone knows vampires, those scary creatures who have sharp teeth, love blood and hate garlic. They tend to hang out in Transylvania/storybooks, and in general aren’t a real big threat to your average, everyday person. Or are they? Blood-sucking vampires aren’t the only vampires out there. Vampires also come in the form of “energy vampires,”…… Continue reading How To Spot (& Slay) An Energy Vampire

Just Keep Loving: Some Pre-Election Thoughts

The day is here, everyone! The day where the campaign ads finally end as we await the results with bated breath. I’m. So. Happy. It’s. Over. You see, throughout this election, there’s been a stupid amount of hate. I personally have been called an asshole for not voting for the same candidate as someone. I’ve…… Continue reading Just Keep Loving: Some Pre-Election Thoughts

Crystal Spotlight: Amethyst

Welcome back to another edition of Crystal Spotlight. Today we are taking a look at one of the most commonly used crystals, the beautiful amethyst. Pictured above are my three amethyst pieces. The one in the bottom right hand side of the picture was actually my first crystal ever- I’ve had it by my bed…… Continue reading Crystal Spotlight: Amethyst

Seriously Good News: Week of 9/18

Hello again, blogiverse! There’s been a lot of bad news floating around. Just like always, right? But lately, it’s been weighing on my heart, and I’ve been wondering what I can do about it. I can’t walk around and single-handedly remove all the violence, hate, tragedies and trauma from the world, but I can do…… Continue reading Seriously Good News: Week of 9/18

Autumn Goals

Back in the early days of namastephanie.com, I made monthly goals. I really liked doing them, but now I think that I’d like to start again with seasonal goals. I get more excited about changing seasons than I do about changing months, so it just makes sense! 🙂 To me, autumn is all about comfort food,…… Continue reading Autumn Goals

Gratitude Journal: Honeymoon Edition

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’m big on gratitude! I thought I would take some time and reflect on this trip and all the ways I’m grateful for it (while my husband procrastinates showering and probably eventually ends up showering): The fact that we’re here. Look, I survived an international…… Continue reading Gratitude Journal: Honeymoon Edition

Honeymooning In Aruba, Days 2 & 3

Do we have to go home? I keep asking E if we can just ditch our real lives and be real life pirates of the Caribbean. I mean, hello, he did vow to support me in whatever I decide to do with my life, and being a pirate would be perfect, right? Right?? All you…… Continue reading Honeymooning In Aruba, Days 2 & 3

Hello, Aruba!

We arrived in Aruba yesterday! And I’m taking advantage of the fact that my handsome husband likes to sleep in to write a post about it. 😉 Before we left I was having major, major anxiety. Can you blame me? Not only is anxiety before travel somewhat normal for me (see Wanderlusting: Pre-Trip Anxiety), it was…… Continue reading Hello, Aruba!