How To Spot (& Slay) An Energy Vampire

Everyone knows vampires, those scary creatures who have sharp teeth, love blood and hate garlic. They tend to hang out in Transylvania/storybooks, and in general aren’t a real big threat to your average, everyday person. Or are they? Blood-sucking vampires aren’t the only vampires out there. Vampires also come in the form of “energy vampires,”…… Continue reading How To Spot (& Slay) An Energy Vampire

Fall Goals Check In/Winter Goals

Don’t you just love the holiday season? It’s such a lovely transition period from one year the the next. Everyone is generally in good spirits, there’s a lot of love and laughter, and it’s just a great way to go into the next calendar year. The flip side, though, is after the holiday season when…… Continue reading Fall Goals Check In/Winter Goals

Mini Hiatus!

Hello, world wide web! is going to be taking a mini-hiatus this week to catch up on my holiday Etsy orders as well as to fully imerse myself in mashed potatoes Thanksgiving. 😉 I will be back with a Meatless Monday post a week from today- until then, to my American readers: Happy Thanksgiving! And to…… Continue reading Mini Hiatus!

The Ultimate List of Chick Flicks for your next Girls’ Night In

Happy Saturday, folks! Confession time: my favorite part of the colder months is the fact that no one wants to go anywhere. Ahhhhh, yes, my introverted heart is a’flutter with the way everyone wants to stay cozy indoors during these months. Give me fluffy socks and a cozy blanket and I am set. Obviously we…… Continue reading The Ultimate List of Chick Flicks for your next Girls’ Night In

My Own 2015 Best Nine

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a new trend- people are entering their usernames into a website, where it analyzes your profile and comes back with your nine of your top liked photos of the past year. Here are my results: This was a big year for me- engaged (well, technically engaged in 2014)…… Continue reading My Own 2015 Best Nine

Our Holiday Traditions

Christmas is only three days away… can you believe it?! I certainly can’t. This season has flown by. To me, Christmas is all about family. This year my fiancé and I are celebrating our first Christmas as our own family. This means we get to incorporate some of our families’ traditions into our own. We…… Continue reading Our Holiday Traditions

Cranberry-Orange Sweet Bread

I’m not going to lie to you- my favorite part about the holiday season is the food. And my favorite holiday food is cranberry bread. This weekend, my friend wanted to try out his new turkey fryer, which led to a spontaneous Friendsgiving trial round. We all gathered at our friends’ house and had a…… Continue reading Cranberry-Orange Sweet Bread