Introducing, My Etsy!

I wanted to take a minute and post a little introduction to my Etsy. I’ve always loved crafting, and Etsy gives me an outlet to share and sell my products. It’s still very small time, given that I basically live inside a shoebox and have limited room to work and store my supplies and products, BUT I am hoping to move somewhere soon that will allow me to devote more space to expanding this little project.

Anyway, without further ado, the “About” section of my shop:

Hello and welcome to my Etsy shop, Ocean Street Studio!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been making crafts. When I was three years old I was selling my sheep pins for fifty cents and the craft fairs I attended with my mother and grandmother. I have fond memories of hiding under the table they set up while they discussed crafting with other adults. Everything they made was made with love, and I want to bring that same love to each item in my shop.

My friends and I used to talk about what it might be like to open a cute little boho-chic gift store. We would fantasize about selling gifts, meditation aides, clothes, and coffee- while I can’t fulfill that last one, through Etsy, I can make that dream come true from my seaside cottage (shout out to the Internet!).

So “come on in” and have a look around. Rest assured that everything in my shop is placed there with love and good intentions. Whether you are purchasing a gift for a loved one or for yourself, I sincerely hope the recipient enjoys it. Thank you & namasté.

Click this link to be taken to my shop, OceanStStudio!


Until next time, namasté my friends.


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