Bend, Stretch & Fly: Aerial Yoga

As we all know, yoga is something I really enjoy, and I recommend it for everyone. Literally everyone- black, white, purple, tall, short, thin, big, everyone. Even if you have two broken legs, you can still do yoga. It’ll be severely modified, but still, yoga.

One thing I’ve been getting into lately is aerial yoga. A friend of mine invited me to try a class with her, and we both ended up purchasing class passes.

For those of you who don’t know, aerial yoga is a form of yoga done with fabric suspended from the ceiling. For some of the practice, you’re actually off the ground.


By using the silk as an accessory in your practice, you’re able to use it to hold your weight and deepen your stretch safely and effectively without having to bear too much. Also by using the silk you’re able to make it into poses you might not be able to on a mat (for example, flying dancer on a mat for me is still a dream, but using the silk to help, I’m able to work towards the stretch without having to worry about also bearing too much weight). Using the silk even first time practitioners of yoga are able to get into inversions. I genuinely think if not for being able to bear my weight in the silk, my flexibility would be slower to develop. The only downside is not building strength as quickly as you would on the mat, but you’re definitely still doing it.

Also, as a quick note, savasana in the silk is like being in a cocoon and it’s really relaxing. Then when you climb down to your mat either for mountain or lotus pose, you’re able to ground yourself and it takes on that much deeper of a meaning since you literally were off the ground. It’s hard to describe if you don’t already know what I’m talking about, so just trust me!

It takes a couple classes to really get familiar with and trust the silk, but once you do it just becomes a natural part of your flow. It’s a great stretch, a unique way to practice, and I recommend it.

Have you ever tried a class and immediately loved it? Would you try aerial yoga? Let me know in the comments!


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