EVERYONE needs to see this. 

Please note: I found this graphic on Pinterest and feel as though everyone could benefit from this perspective. If the graphic is your’s, please let me know so I can give you proper credit! Feeling like you could use a pick-me-up? Click here for a FREE self-care checklist! #ilovefreebies

Construction Notice

Hello, readers! You may have noticed some changes on Namastephanie.com, including the new layout, color scheme, and image. All of these changes are being made to better serve my dear readers- aka, you! I’ve mentioned having big plans for this website in the past, and I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring those…… Continue reading Construction Notice

12 Books to Make Each Month of 2017 Your Most Positive Yet

Happy New Year! I know people have mixed feelings on New Year’s resolutions, and personally, I think that you definitely do not need a new year to create a new you, but if the new year inspires you to make a change, that’s excellent! Was “be more positive” on your list of resolutions this year?…… Continue reading 12 Books to Make Each Month of 2017 Your Most Positive Yet

Seriously Good News: Week of 9/18

Hello again, blogiverse! There’s been a lot of bad news floating around. Just like always, right? But lately, it’s been weighing on my heart, and I’ve been wondering what I can do about it. I can’t walk around and single-handedly remove all the violence, hate, tragedies and trauma from the world, but I can do…… Continue reading Seriously Good News: Week of 9/18

I have a plan. (And here are the resources I used to get to this point)

I have a plan. It makes me excited and nervous and thrilled all at once. It may not look like I want it to yet but I’m realizing this is all a process. Everything I don’t like about my life is a lesson. It’s setting me up for something greater than I can even imagine. The…… Continue reading I have a plan. (And here are the resources I used to get to this point)

Go Ahead, Buy Yourself Flowers (Here’s 4 Reasons Why)

I’ve always been a big believer in buying myself flowers. I just love the way a fresh bouquet brightens up a room. In college, my best friend and I would walk into Brookline to hit up Trader Joe’s, and I would splurge on a $5 bouquet of flowers for myself. I would then declare myself…… Continue reading Go Ahead, Buy Yourself Flowers (Here’s 4 Reasons Why)

7 Really Cool Things About Growing Up

I hear a lot about how being an adult sucks work sucks bill suck blah blah blah but I’m not into that nonsense. Being an adult totally rocks. Here’s why: Watching people you love get their lives together. You were next to them as they were laying the bricks for their lives, dreaming and scheming, and…… Continue reading 7 Really Cool Things About Growing Up

Introducing, My Etsy!

I wanted to take a minute and post a little introduction to my Etsy. I’ve always loved crafting, and Etsy gives me an outlet to share and sell my products. It’s still very small time, given that I basically live inside a shoebox and have limited room to work and store my supplies and products,…… Continue reading Introducing, My Etsy!

Bend, Stretch & Fly: Aerial Yoga

As we all know, yoga is something I really enjoy, and I recommend it for everyone. Literally everyone- black, white, purple, tall, short, thin, big, everyone. Even if you have two broken legs, you can still do yoga. It’ll be severely modified, but still, yoga. One thing I’ve been getting into lately is aerial yoga.…… Continue reading Bend, Stretch & Fly: Aerial Yoga