What Does “Moon Sign” and “Rising Sign” Mean?

Everyone knows their astrological sign. But did you know the sun sign assigned by your birthday is only part of your astrological story? The time and place you were born also has influence over you in this way. These are called your moon sign and rising signs.

I didn’t know much about these until maybe a year ago when I looked it up for the first time using this website. Turns out I am a Capricorn sun, Gemini moon, Aquarius rising.

Your sun sign, the one people are generally most familiar with, is determined by the day you are born. This represents your zodiac personality and is the most commonly talked about sign in the world. It’s the one you read in the newspaper or get the alert to your phone about.

I never really felt like I identified with Capricorns. I always got the feeling that Capricorns were driven by success and ambitious. While that’s admirable, it’s not really me. My version of success doesn’t include climbing the corporate ladder. I was never really interested in the influences of astrology until I looked at the bigger picture.

That’s why I’m so excited about my moon and rising signs.

A moon sign is determined by where the moon was at the time of your birth. It represents who you are at your core, who you are at the end of the day when your walls come down. It’s representative of your emotions. Some people say it’s the sign of your unconscious.

Your rising sign, or ascendant sign, is determined by what sign was rising in the East at the time of your birth. This sign dictates your outward personality, or how you behave socially. This sign influences how you relate and interact with other people, and people generally see a blend of your sun sign and ascendant sign. First impressions are typically formed from the rising sign. This sign has the most superficial influence, as it deals with how you project yourself, and not who you actually are at your core. I tend to think of it like I’m not really an Aquarius, I just act like one. Know what I mean?

I’ve found myself strongly identifying with the Gemini sign now that I’ve been doing more research on it, and perhaps I’m feeling this way because I’m an emotional person and connect stronger to that side of me. And now I’m wondering if that Gemini emotional influence has made my perception of success different that a “typical Capricorn’s,” and keeping that in mind, does that mean I actually am very Capricorn? Who knows. I certainly haven’t figured it out yet. All I know is that looking into all of this has been very, very interesting.

Have you looked up your three astrological signs and how they influence your personality? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, namasté friends. ❤


One thought on “What Does “Moon Sign” and “Rising Sign” Mean?

  1. I am a cancer sun, libra moon & Sagittarius rising. I haven’t looked into the rising sign much. But I love that I’m a balanced cancer. Many cancers tend to hold onto negative emotions, and I’ve always been able to move past them seeking more positive feelings. So fun!


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