Happy Valentine’s Day! (& a Date Night Hack)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my wonderful readers! I love each and every one of you, and I hope you know that you are both valued and appreciated. If you are part of a couple, I hope you and your Valentine have a day that is perfectly suited to you- even if you choose not to celebrate. If you aren’t part of a couple, I hope you take some time to indulge in some self love, and eat lots of chocolate!

I wanted to write a quick post about a date night hack my fiancé and I have come up with. I’m sure we’re not the first to think of it, but it’s such a good idea I want as many people to know about it as possible.

You know that sudden amnesia that comes on whenever someone says “where do you want to get food?” Suddenly, you can’t remember a single restaurant in town except for a handful of old favorites. As a result, you frequent these favorites a lot- not that there’s anything wrong with having favorites, just that it’s easy to get stuck going to those places all the time… and menu burnout can happen.

Well, E and I had an idea to make a list of all the restaurants in town, broken up by category/”mood.” I say “mood” because sometimes you’re in the mood for Chinese, or something fancy, or something not so fancy, or a grab and go option, or pizza. I went on TripAdvisor and searched for restaurants in the surrounding area, and compiled a list of places to eat that we haven’t tried yet or don’t get very often. And to make it a complete list, I also included our old favorites.

Having this list in front of us makes it really easy to add some variety to our routine. We’ve already tried a new pizza place from the list and it was sooooo good- so I already count this hack as a success!

Are you doing anything special to celebrate today? Let me know in the comments! Xoxoxo…


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