7 Natural Ways to Help Your Hangover

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! It is so lucky that this year it falls on a Friday- rather than going into work nursing a hangover, you only have to go to your couch. Feel free to have all the green beer you can handle.

So when the fun is over, you’re left with memories (maybe) and a hangover (definitely).

While there is no real cure for hangovers, these natural remedies will help.

  1. Drink water.
    Also number one daily life advice, but it definitely applies to fighting a hangover. Drink some before you go out, drink some while you’re out, and definitely drink some when you get home before you go to bed.
  2. Stay in bed.
    Chill out the best you can. Alcohol is basically poison a potion and when you’re recovering from a hangover, you’re recovering from your body being poisoned under its spell. You’ll recover quicker if you allow your body to relax and do its thing repairing itself, especially in the early stages.
  3. Eat greasy foods.
    Some sources say to eat greasy foods before you go out and some say to eat them during your hangover. Personally? I eat something greasy as soon as I can stand food again. I’d rather eat carbs before I drink. But that’s me- if an egg and cheese sandwich in the morning after drinking sounds disgusting to you and you’d rather have pizza before you drink, follow your gut.
  4. Sweat.
    Okay sooooo I know going to the gym and sweating out last night’s tequila sounds repulsive, but hear me out. Sweat is one of the body’s ways to release toxins and that’s exactly what alcohol is. So maybe while you’re resting in bed, put on an extra sweatshirt. And then shower, please.
  5. Eat a banana.
    We lose potassium when we drink, which bananas have a lot of. See how that works?
  6. Drink coconut water.
    My former roommate claims it’s a hangover cure, and he’s on the right track- coconut water is full of ingredients we lose when we drink, including potassium, electrolytes and antioxidants. Replace them faster to feel better faster.
  7. Drink peppermint tea.
    Peppermint tea is known to soothe upset stomachs.

For more ideas, check out THIS post on natural stomach ache cures.

How will you be celebrating? Let me know in the comments, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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