On Scars

“Ugly” truth time: we all have scars. They can range from big to small, noticeable to not, mental to physical. They’re not going away. Scars are like glitter- that shit sticks for┬álife. Anyway, in life, we typically have two choices when we encounter something we can’t control. Either a) we get angry about not having…… Continue reading On Scars

On Loss

Loss is such a funny way to describe death. Loss. Like the way you’d lose your keys or misplace an important piece of paper. The thing about loss in regular language is that it implies the thing lost can be found. That’s not the case when you “lose” someone to death. When someone dies, they…… Continue reading On Loss

Yoga Journey: Getting Back My Flow

Something regular readers of my blog know about me: I love yoga. Something readers of my blog also know: I was in a serious accident on January 4th. Something very few people know: I haven’t been able to practice yoga since the accident. When I was hit over the head with a falling jetski, I…… Continue reading Yoga Journey: Getting Back My Flow

10 Reasons Why You (yes, you!) Should Start Doing Yoga

Yoga, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… My yoga mat is my happy place. I turn to yoga when I need to find my center, when I need to stretch, when I need a pick-me-up or a distraction, when I need to pray, when I’m sad or lonely, when I’m in…… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You (yes, you!) Should Start Doing Yoga