Crystals 101: The Importance of Placement

Welcome back to another session of Crystals 101 with your’s truly! Today I’m going to talk about the importance of where you place your crystals around the home to optimize their energy. As we know, crystals are solid bits of energy made by millions of years of concentrated pressure onto different types of rock. (Or…… Continue reading Crystals 101: The Importance of Placement

Yoga Journey: Getting Back My Flow

Something regular readers of my blog know about me: I love yoga. Something readers of my blog also know: I was in a serious accident on January 4th. Something very few people know: I haven’t been able to practice yoga since the accident. When I was hit over the head with a falling jetski, I…… Continue reading Yoga Journey: Getting Back My Flow

“So what does nama-whatever mean, anyway?”

It’s time for a vocabulary lesson, folks! Since starting this blog, I have gotten the above question many times. I’ve also gotten some questions about om and the hamsa. I notice these sacred symbols becoming trendy, and I worry that their meaning is being lost. Don’t get me wrong; I would love to see more and…… Continue reading “So what does nama-whatever mean, anyway?”

How To Know When You Need Self Love

We talk a lot about self love and ways to take care of yourself, but what about knowing WHEN you need it? I’ve put together a list (that is in no way conclusive) of warning signs that you may be due for some self love. You’re feeling drained, physically, emotionally or spiritually. You’ve had a bad…… Continue reading How To Know When You Need Self Love