8 Ways To Practice Self Care

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12 Books to Make Each Month of 2017 Your Most Positive Yet

Happy New Year! I know people have mixed feelings on New Year’s resolutions, and personally, I think that you definitely do not need a new year to create a new you, but if the new year inspires you to make a change, that’s excellent! Was “be more positive” on your list of resolutions this year?…… Continue reading 12 Books to Make Each Month of 2017 Your Most Positive Yet

Fall Goals Check In/Winter Goals

Don’t you just love the holiday season? It’s such a lovely transition period from one year the the next. Everyone is generally in good spirits, there’s a lot of love and laughter, and it’s just a great way to go into the next calendar year. The flip side, though, is after the holiday season when…… Continue reading Fall Goals Check In/Winter Goals

The Ultimate List of Chick Flicks for your next Girls’ Night In

Happy Saturday, folks! Confession time: my favorite part of the colder months is the fact that no one wants to go anywhere. Ahhhhh, yes, my introverted heart is a’flutter with the way everyone wants to stay cozy indoors during these months. Give me fluffy socks and a cozy blanket and I am set. Obviously we…… Continue reading The Ultimate List of Chick Flicks for your next Girls’ Night In

Autumn Goals

Back in the early days of namastephanie.com, I made monthly goals. I┬áreally liked doing them, but now I think that I’d like to start again with seasonal goals. I get more excited about changing seasons than I do about changing months, so it just makes sense! ­čÖé To me, autumn is all about comfort food,…… Continue reading Autumn Goals

Gratitude Journal: Honeymoon Edition

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’m big on gratitude! I thought I would take some time and reflect on this trip and all the ways I’m grateful for it (while my husband procrastinates showering and probably eventually ends up showering): The fact that we’re here. Look, I survived an international…… Continue reading Gratitude Journal: Honeymoon Edition

7 Really Cool Things About Growing Up

I hear a lot about how being an adult sucks work sucks bill suck blah blah blah but I’m not into that nonsense. Being an adult┬átotally rocks. Here’s why: Watching people you love get their lives together. You were next to them as they were laying the bricks for their lives, dreaming and scheming, and…… Continue reading 7 Really Cool Things About Growing Up