10 Things To Be Grateful For Every Day

This is a list of 10 things you (yes, you!) can be grateful for every day. The ability to make someone else smile. You have the ability to make someone else smile, which is among one of the most precious (yet underappreciated) gifts you can give someone. It doesn’t take much; a simple compliment, an “I…… Continue reading 10 Things To Be Grateful For Every Day

Namastephanie YouTube Launch!

You know that saying “change your perspective, change your life”? Well, I think we can update that to change your phone, change your life. I upgraded my phone this week to the iPhone 7-the first time in my life my phone has been current so excuse me while I’m pretty pumped-and I’m quickly learning what life…… Continue reading Namastephanie YouTube Launch!

Seriously Good News: Week of 9/18

Hello again, blogiverse! There’s been a lot of bad news floating around. Just like always, right? But lately, it’s been weighing on my heart, and I’ve been wondering what I can do about it. I can’t walk around and single-handedly remove all the violence, hate, tragedies and trauma from the world, but I can do…… Continue reading Seriously Good News: Week of 9/18

Gratitude, Journal and Crystals, Oh My!: Mail Haul 12/28/15

Online shopping is the greatest. I don’t have to get out of my PJs, face the cold, get in my car, or deal with people directly? I’m in. My introverted heart is aflutter. I typically don’t do a lot of shopping for myself, but when I do, it’s usually an aid in my individual and…… Continue reading Gratitude, Journal and Crystals, Oh My!: Mail Haul 12/28/15

Goodbye, Facebook: Why I Deleted

It was a normal Saturday night- my fiancé was in our bedroom doing homework, and I was on the couch with my phone in my hand. You know- the typical posture of someone living in this century. I was innocently browsing Facebook when I fell into the trap of the comment section again. If you’ve…… Continue reading Goodbye, Facebook: Why I Deleted

The Ultimate Fall Essential Checklist

It finally feels like fall most of the time! Where I live is always a little tricky- the Gulf Stream is our next door neighbor, which brings warm weather with it long past warm weather should be here. Last week it reached 70 one day, even though it barely reached 35 two days before that.…… Continue reading The Ultimate Fall Essential Checklist