The Ultimate List of Chick Flicks for your next Girls’ Night In

Happy Saturday, folks! Confession time: my favorite part of the colder months is the fact that no one wants to go anywhere. Ahhhhh, yes, my introverted heart is a’flutter with the way everyone wants to stay cozy indoors during these months. Give me fluffy socks and a cozy blanket and I am set. Obviously we…… Continue reading The Ultimate List of Chick Flicks for your next Girls’ Night In

November Goals

I started writing this post on Monday, thought I had saved it as a draft, and when I checked on Wednesday to complete it, it wasn’t there. So here we are, on Friday the 6th, finally talking about November goals. Better late than never, right? Here’s my list… what do you have planned to accomplish…… Continue reading November Goals

My Glassblowing Experience!

So as I mentioned in my┬álast post, I went glassblowing last weekend with some good friends in New Hampshire! Not only was it a great excuse to see my friends, I also got to drive over a covered bridge for the first time as a driver (THEY’RE SO CUTE AND CHARMING OMG) AND experience a…… Continue reading My Glassblowing Experience!

The Ultimate Fall Essential Checklist

It finally feels like fall most of the time! Where I live is always a little tricky- the Gulf Stream is our next door neighbor, which brings warm weather with it long past warm weather should be here. Last week it reached 70 one day, even though it barely reached 35 two days before that.…… Continue reading The Ultimate Fall Essential Checklist