Meatless Mondays: “Beef” Stew

Looking to eat meatless on a budget? Look no further! This week’s installment of Meatless Mondays is a recipe for a personal favorite of mine (especially on a gray, dreary day) “beef” stew! I think back to the cold, bitter winters of my childhood on Cape Cod, and I remember the house smelling so good…… Continue reading Meatless Mondays: “Beef” Stew

Daycation: Exploring the History of Salem, Massachusetts

We are the grandchildren of the witches you could not hang. I’m about to show my nerdy side here, so brace yourself: I am fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials. The history is just… well, it’s hard to believe that it happened. I’ve been intrigued since I was a young girl when my mother took me to…… Continue reading Daycation: Exploring the History of Salem, Massachusetts

Autumn Goals

Back in the early days of, I made monthly goals. I really liked doing them, but now I think that I’d like to start again with seasonal goals. I get more excited about changing seasons than I do about changing months, so it just makes sense! 🙂 To me, autumn is all about comfort food,…… Continue reading Autumn Goals

What Is She Wearing?!: Stacks on Stacks of Bracelets

One of the best parts of getting ready for the day is accessorizing. I have a couple choice pieces I always wear, but I also like to make bold statements about my personality or mood through my accessories. I know I’m not alone in this! My general picks always have some sort of meaning and…… Continue reading What Is She Wearing?!: Stacks on Stacks of Bracelets

My Glassblowing Experience!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I went glassblowing last weekend with some good friends in New Hampshire! Not only was it a great excuse to see my friends, I also got to drive over a covered bridge for the first time as a driver (THEY’RE SO CUTE AND CHARMING OMG) AND experience a…… Continue reading My Glassblowing Experience!

The Ultimate Fall Essential Checklist

It finally feels like fall most of the time! Where I live is always a little tricky- the Gulf Stream is our next door neighbor, which brings warm weather with it long past warm weather should be here. Last week it reached 70 one day, even though it barely reached 35 two days before that.…… Continue reading The Ultimate Fall Essential Checklist