What Does “Moon Sign” and “Rising Sign” Mean?

Everyone knows their astrological sign. But did you know the sun sign assigned by your birthday is only part of your astrological story? The time and place you were born also has influence over you in this way. These are called your moon sign and rising signs. I didn’t know much about these until maybe a year ago…… Continue reading What Does “Moon Sign” and “Rising Sign” Mean?

Times, They Are A’Changing

In my first post, I explained that I had a lot going on right now. And that’s very true, as you can tell by the time between my posts- sorrrrrry about that! It’s funny- I had to drive a friend and her son, who is in the ninth grade, somewhere the other day. And I…… Continue reading Times, They Are A’Changing

Saturday Vibes

Happy Saturday beautiful people! Ahhh, the best day of the week (in my opinion). Have you got any fun plans for the day? My fiancé and I are going to purchase a washer and a dryer, and I’m so excited. I’m pretty sure getting excited over a washer and dryer means I’m a full blown…… Continue reading Saturday Vibes

Energy Anatomy 101: An Introduction to Your Chakras

I’ve always been a big believer in energy. When I was in second grade, my grandfather fell ill and was in a coma for an extended amount of time. My mom repeated over and over that we had to think positive, and not to doubt my grandfather’s ability to get better. We were to send…… Continue reading Energy Anatomy 101: An Introduction to Your Chakras