Hello out there! I just wanted to pop in and say heyyyyyyy. I’ve been a little absent from namastephanie because I’m going through some changes in my personal life (all good, trust me!) and I’ve been busy preparing for the next steps. So, while I may be absent from the blogiverse right now, I won’t…… Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

On Scars

“Ugly” truth time: we all have scars. They can range from big to small, noticeable to not, mental to physical. They’re not going away. Scars are like glitter- that shit sticks for life. Anyway, in life, we typically have two choices when we encounter something we can’t control. Either a) we get angry about not having…… Continue reading On Scars

“Who Are You?” and Why That Answer Matters

“Who are you?” It’s a question I’m sure all of us have been asked in some form or another. It’s the most basic getting-to-know-you question there is. Who. Are. You. A lot of us don’t really know the answer to this. Before I started actively thinking about it, like many other people I would have answered…… Continue reading “Who Are You?” and Why That Answer Matters

On Loss

Loss is such a funny way to describe death. Loss. Like the way you’d lose your keys or misplace an important piece of paper. The thing about loss in regular language is that it implies the thing lost can be found. That’s not the case when you “lose” someone to death. When someone dies, they…… Continue reading On Loss

How To Come Home From an International Vacation

**Note: I wrote this for a Fiction Writing class in 2013. I rediscovered it on my Google Drive today and thought I would share it. Not a traditional blog post, this fictional story draws vaguely on personal experience. Maybe I’ll share that sometime. 🙂 ❤ enjoy! How To Come Home From an International Vacation First…… Continue reading How To Come Home From an International Vacation

Rest In Peace, Harper Lee

FAIR WARNING: This post is more a reflection than a traditional namastephanie post. It’s more personal than informative. Just so you know! I don’t generally react very strongly to celebrity deaths. Death is an unfortunate reality of life, and I’ve always felt celebrity culture was kind of on the other side of a window. Fun…… Continue reading Rest In Peace, Harper Lee

Thanksgiving 2015: 100 Things I Am Thankful For Right Now

If you’re like my family, you’ll sit down to dinner tomorrow and talk about what you’re thankful for. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about- being thankful for what we have and counting our blessings. Here is my list of things I am thankful for this holiday. Feel free to add your own in the comments…… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2015: 100 Things I Am Thankful For Right Now