Himalayan Salt Lamps

The universe works in funny ways sometimes… last week I had done a little research on Himalayan salt lamps, and then my mom asked me out for lunch and we went to a restaurant where one was behind us. Turns out, she had been researching them too, and a couple days later she stopped by…… Continue reading Himalayan Salt Lamps

Green Office Initiative

I don’t know about you, but I work in an office that goes through a LOT of paper. Every time I reload the printer I can’t help but cringe at the dead trees I’m holding in my hand. I could go on about more sustainable alternatives for paper, but I won’t do that (today). The…… Continue reading Green Office Initiative

12 Small Ways to Make Your World a Better Place

1. Recycle. Instead of throwing that piece of paper in the trash, throw it in the recycling bin instead. Do this as often as you can. 2. Give out a compliment. It’ll brighten that person’s day, and it’ll make you shine a little brighter. 3. Take a deep breath. Rather than swear up a storm…… Continue reading 12 Small Ways to Make Your World a Better Place