“So what does nama-whatever mean, anyway?”

It’s time for a vocabulary lesson, folks! Since starting this blog, I have gotten the above question many times. I’ve also gotten some questions about om and the hamsa. I notice these sacred symbols becoming trendy, and I worry that their meaning is being lost. Don’t get me wrong; I would love to see more and…… Continue reading “So what does nama-whatever mean, anyway?”

“So you like, worship that fat guy?”: Explaining Buddhism

Believe it or not, Buddhism has nothing to do with actually worshipping “that fat guy.” But to those who are unfamiliar with Buddhism, it means little else. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Buddhism lately, so I thought I would post some facts about the philosophy as a small reference. This is just a…… Continue reading “So you like, worship that fat guy?”: Explaining Buddhism

Times, They Are A’Changing

In my first post, I explained that I had a lot going on right now. And that’s very true, as you can tell by the time between my posts- sorrrrrry about that! It’s funny- I had to drive a friend and her son, who is in the ninth grade, somewhere the other day. And I…… Continue reading Times, They Are A’Changing