Happy Valentine’s Day!/February’s “Spread The Love” Challenge

Happy Valentine’s Day, webiverse!

Call me cheesy, but I love Valentine’s Day. Always have. Even when I was single I loved it because it was an opportunity to spoil myself with self-love and spoil my friends with love, too. That’s what I think the holiday is really about- love in all forms, not just romantic. And the celebration definitely shouldn’t be limited to just one day a year.

Which is why I’ve come up with this Spread the Love Challenge!

February is the shortest longest month of the year. It stretches on and on, gray day after gray day (at least the days are gray in my part of the world). So I figure, why not spend the rest of February spreading love?


Here’s how it works: follow along the list for two weeks, doing one act of kindness per day. If you want, post a picture using the hashtag “#NamaSpreadTheLove” and I’ll feature it in an upcoming post! Follow me on Instagram @namastephanie1 and be sure to tag me!

Day One: Valentine’s Day: Write a Valentine to your parents.
Is there anyone else in the world who could use your love more than the people who made you? Use this opportunity to tell your parents “I love you!” by surprising them with a little note in the mail. If you don’t have notecards already, go ahead and invest in some now. They’ll come up again in the challenge.

Day Two: Go through the drive through and pay for the person behind you.
You might start a chain reaction of kindness!

Day Three: Pamper yourself.
Like I said, it’s all about love. Self-love is included in this. It’s important to be your own BFF, especially in the winter months, so seize today to take care of yourself! Take a bath, give yourself a facial, whatever you want, just be sure to take time out for yourself.

Day Four: Pick up the phone and tell someone you miss them.
Just. Do. It. Text them, Snapchat them, or better yet, be bold and actually call them. Just make sure it’s someone you miss and make sure by the end of the conversation they know that. Being desired is precious and it’s a gift to let someone know you want more of them in your life.

Day Five: Write a thank you note.
Write a thank-you note to your congressman, a company, your next door neighbor- just take time to write a handwritten note of gratitude for something someone did that you support. Bonus points if you don’t think they usually get thanked for what they do.

Day Six: Search the hashtag “#selfie” on Instagram and hand out compliments like candy.
Spend just 5 minutes scrolling through people’s pictures and compliment them on whatever you like- their hair, their smile, their selfie-taking abilities, whatever!

Day Seven: Write an encouraging note to someone who needs a little extra love.
Head on over to More Love Letters and read about their mission to send love letters to those who need them. While you’re there, check out their current love letter recipients and pen one of your own.

Day Eight: Go an entire day without posting anything negative. Take it a step further and make it a point to share something positive.
Sharing positive stories will brighten more days than you know. In this political climate it is especially refreshing to see videos of cute animals, kind deeds and what not.

Day Nine: Fill up a box and give back.
Through Give Back Box you can print a free mailing label and send your gently used, no-longer-needed clothes and household goods to a participating Goodwill.

Day Ten: Contribute a small sum of money to a charity close to your heart.

Day Eleven: Sign up to be an organ donor and/or a bone marrow donor.
Sign up here to become an organ donor and here to become a bone marrow donor.

Day Twelve: Have a meal and leave a 100% tip.
This works well at small cafés or pizza places where leaving 100% won’t completely break you, but it still goes far and is super appreciated in an industry where tips are the employees main source of income.

Day Thirteen: Compliment someone on how well they parked.
I don’t know about where you are, but around here, it is far more common to see a note on a windshield filled with negativity. Leave a positive note on someone’s windshield and make their day!

Day Fourteen: Make a card for a child in the hospital.
Go here and get instructions for how to send a card to a kid battling an illness.

Taking this challenge will ensure that the rest of this cold month is filled with nothing but love and good vibes. To follow along with my personal journey taking this challenge, please follow my Instagram @namastephanie1. Be sure to share your own experience with this challenge using the hashtag “#NamaSpreadTheLove”.

Happy Love Day, everyone! ❤

Looking to make February a little brighter? Click here for a FREE self-care checklist! #ilovefreebies


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