Construction Notice

Hello, readers!

You may have noticed some changes on, including the new layout, color scheme, and image. All of these changes are being made to better serve my dear readers- aka, you!

I’ve mentioned having big plans for this website in the past, and I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring those plans to life. I’m taking from a blog to a blog. I’m taking courses, improving content, adding services… basically just growing and expanding all over the place.

I’m doing this while also growing my creative business, Ocean St. Studio. I expect both projects to grow in 2017 and am very excited to see where it all goes.

While I make these changes to improve my website, you may notice things get a little messy. It’s all part of the process- I’ve found that creating something great is really difficult to do if you don’t make a little mess in the process.

In the meantime, please join my facebook group (the High-Vibing Warrior Queens). I created this community as a place for like-minded souls to gather and share information on all things “hippie” in a non-judgemental place. So far it’s been so cool to see these ladies come together and share wisdom with each other. I’ve learned some new things myself!

So, stay with me and stay tuned for more. ❤

PS: Need some self-love? CLICK HERE and I’ll send you a free self-care checklist. Namasté!


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