5 Easy Swaps for a Happy New Year

  1. Mouthwash swap.
    Swap out harsh mouthwash for coconut oil- officially called “oil pulling” swishing coconut oil around your mouth for 10-20 minutes has numerous benefits, including whitening teeth, protecting against decay and cavities, and removes toxins from the body. Be sure not to swallow any, as this would simply be reintroducing the toxins to your body, and spit it in the trash- hardened coconut oil is not good for your plumbing!
  2. Cardio in nature.
    Swap out a gym session for a brisk walk outdoors. Dress for the weather and you can go out any time of year. The advantages to being outside include stress relief, inspiration, increased vitamin-d, immunity strength, among plenty of others.
  3. Just coconut oil everything.
    Coconut oil can replace moisturizers, shaving cream, make-up remover, and the list just goes on and on.
  4. Swap out dryer sheets for dryer balls.
    Dryer balls cut down on drying time and static, and they don’t contain any icky ingredients like dryer sheets do. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils to make your laundry smell great.
  5. Swap some wasted time for mediation.
    Put down the phone and instead learn to meditate. The benefits of meditation are huge, and include increased concentration, productivity, sense of well-being, and ability to work under stress.

Click here for a FREE self-care checklist for more good ideas for your year.



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