Mercury, WTF?: Mercury Retrograde and 10 Tips To Survive It

I’m breaking my holiday hiatus today to talk about something important, and that’s Mercury Retrograde. I’ve been a wee bit irritable today and I’m totally blaming Mercury.

For those of you in the know, I imagine you’re pursing your lips and nodding solemnly. #wewillgetthroughthis

For those of you who have never heard of this, you probably think I’m nuts. So let me explain.

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon whose effect is felt pretty uniformly across the globe. Because Mercury is closer to the sun it has a shorter orbit than Earth’s, and 3-4 times a year it passes us. And when it does, the turbulence kicks up metaphorical dust in all Earthling’s faces. This turbulence is known as Mercury Retrograde.

When Mercury retrogrades, it’s a whole lot of fun! Not. And lucky for us, Mercury is retrograding right now, from December 19th-January 8th; just in time for the holidays! (I hope my sarcasm is obvious)

Mercury rules communications (including things such as contracts, coding, leases, plus formal communication like speaking) and when it retrogrades communication goes haywire. Disagreements happen. Plans fail. Commercial transactions have problems. People are more tense and forgetful. Irritability happens (like for me, today).

The effects of Mercury’s retrograde aren’t always negative, it’s just that they’re unpredictable. What could and should go right is suddenly subject to Mercury, meaning you could do everything right, and something can still go wrong.

Here is a list of tips for surviving a Mercury retrograde:

  1. If you send any important information via digital or postal communication, confirm it was received.
  2. Understand that plans are subject to change.
  3. Pick your battles. Don’t argue with Aunt Betty over something that won’t matter in a couple weeks. Let Uncle Edgar express his political opinions and try not to indulge them. Better to just save yourself the trouble.
  4. Avoid moving, closing on a home, or signing a lease.
  5. Don’t announce a new endeavor.
  6. Don’t get irritated if a client changes something on you.
  7. Don’t plan a wedding during Mercury’s retrograde. (My wedding was during a Mercury retrograde. My transportation-which Mercury also influences-broke down on the way to our venue. The videographer and some groomsmen had to rescue my bridesmaids and I from the side of the highway-other than that it was a great day!)
  8. You should back up your computer before a retrograde.
  9. Save big purchases for after.
  10. Clearly mark your luggage so it doesn’t get lost while traveling. And bring entertainment in case you experience delays.

I want to reiterate that the effects of Mercury are not always negative. They just tend to be unpredictable, so be aware and be careful. The dust will settle again soon.

For more tips on how to survive Mercury retrograde, click here for a TOTALLY FREE self-care checklist!

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