My Favorite Small Businesses

‘Tis the season for lots of shopping, fa-la-la-la-laaaaa….

Local shopping is my jam. It’s also super important! Supporting small businesses is like supporting your neighbors- it’s truly the most effective way to make the economy happy. Local businesses are far more likely than large corporations to give back to their community; that means they’re more likely to give back to you.


So in honor of the holiday season I thought I would make a list of my favorite small and local businesses. I personally give my endorsement to every shop on this list. Happy shopping!

So let’s begin!

  • Ocean Street Studio
    My own shop, of course! I make natural products in small batches and sell them at affordable prices. I currently have a variety of gifts, like candles, sugar scrubs, and aromatic room sprays, all selling at affordable prices for everyone on your list.
  • Al’s Crystal Pals
    Alexandra sells beautiful crystals and unique jewelry, and includes a small crystal and sage with each purchase! My house is adorned with crystals from her shop.
  • Centerville Pie Company
    One of Oprah’s favorites, too! I’m obsessed with these pies. My favorite is the cranberry apple pie- but just apple is delicious too! If you’re a meat-eater, I’m sure you’ll love the chicken pot pie. My family is a big fan. I’m lucky enough to call Centerville my home-village, but they ship nationwide!
  • Jul E. Artworks and Schumann Glass (opens in Instagram).
    Julie and Jimmy are a powerhouse glassblowing couple selling pendants and accessories. My personal favorite? Julie’s mermaid tail pendants and Jimmy’s opal pendants. Check them out!
  • Luna’s Potions
    This shop carries high-quality essential oils for a number of troubles. My personal favorites are the energy blend and the blend for stomachaches, but I’ll confess: I have an entire bag full of these potions and am constantly wanting more. Essential oils are for everyone and make amazing stocking stuffers, so you’re sure to find something.
  • Namaste Health
    Dee makes natural products infused with high-quality herbs. I swear by her PMS rub- I couldn’t get through being a woman without it, if you catch my drift.
  • Port Skateboards
    Full disclosure: this company is owned by one of my oldest and very best friends and it’s a company that I saw grow from being an idea and a dream to an actual skateboarding company. I’m so proud of my brotha-from-anotha-motha that obviously I need to put it on my list. If you have a skater on your shopping list, be sure to grab them something from Port!
  • Sentiment Shoppe
    This is a great shop if you have any kids in your life! For a very reasonable price you can send a personalized note from Santa to a special child. So cute!
  • Summer House Soaps
    I could spend all day in this store. Honestly. It smells sooooooo good in there. Summer House is where I learned to make soap, and I have witnessed how much love and care goes into their process. You can’t go wrong.
  • Tranquil Artz
    This shop produces the best tie-dyes I have ever seen. Also offers a variety of natural, handmade products. She seems to be out of stock at the moment but I am a huge fan of her laundry balls!

That’s my list! What would you add? Please let me know in the comments! I’m always looking to support small businesses. 🙂 Until next time, namasté…


One thought on “My Favorite Small Businesses

  1. I love that opening notice. It bothered me earlier this year when my brother owed a big corporation money and was paying them late fees because of it; I could see that his hard earned money was basically going to some CEO, probably laying around on a beach somewhere, while he struggled to feed his family and pay back individuals he owed money to.

    Being self-employed myself it’s heart-warming to find people who appreciate local trades, and it’s only right that I do my best to support other local business, whether it be where I buy my fruit and veg, or coffee. The only criticism I have here is due to a personal bug-bear with “affordable prices” since I had a local competitor use this phrase and my immediate thought was “does this mean you raise and lower your prices according to individual customers?!” of course it could mean you sell something at a price you can afford to supply it for, rather than charge more to keep shareholders happy.


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