Chakra Spotlight: The Solar Plexus

Hello again and welcome to the third edition of Chakra Spotlight! Today we are taking a closer look at the Solar Plexus chakra, otherwise known as the core of our ego and personality.

The Solar Plexus chakra is located around the navel- I tend to think of it as right behind the belly button, but it can be located anywhere from your navel to right below your chest.

While the Sacral Chakra is all about pleasure, the Solar Plexus chakra is all about perception. This is the chakra that houses your willpower, your self-discipline, and your self-esteem.


A healthy, balanced Solar Plexus chakra looks like…

  • An ability to grow and move forward with confidence.
  • Does not take criticism personally.
  • Self love is abundant, but does not cross over into selfishness.
  • Acceptance of oneself and one’s life’s circumstances.
  • Taking responsibility for yourself.
  • Knowledge that you have freedom and power to choose the direction of your life.

An unbalanced Solar Plexus chakra takes on two different looks: one with an excessive Solar Plexus chakra is over-confident, egotistical, perhaps materialistic, easily stressed out and quick to react emotionally. Or, if someone has an under-balanced or blocked third chakra, they tend to judge themselves, are sensitive to criticism, don’t believe themselves to be worthy of advancement, may have unhealthy relationships begging to be severed, or they can be fake and not living their own life authentically.

As with all of our chakras, we can (and should!) work to keep them in balance. Once you feel confident being able to balance the first two chakras, it is time to move onto the Solar Plexus.

Yoga poses that benefit the third chakra have to do with strengthening your core. Try Warrior I to warm up the chakra, then move onto core strengthening asanas like the Dolphin Plank or Chaturunga.

Essential oils are good, too- personally, I use a blend of lavender, fennel, sandalwood, cardamom and champa flower essential oils in a base of jojoba to balance my Solar Plexus, and all of these on their own will work, too. You can rub the oils directly onto your skin (MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN A CARRIER OIL), diffuse them, or inhale them straight from the bottle.

And finally, as with all of our chakras, we can balance them by affirmations. Here is a list of Solar Plexus balancing affirmations:

  • I stand up for myself.
  • I am proud of myself.
  • I honor my achievements.
  • I am free to choose.
  • I am only responsible for me.
  • I direct my own life.
  • I embrace opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.
  • I love me.

Say these to yourself as many times as you need to in order to believe them. They’re all true- the hard part is believing them. But believe me, the work is worth it.

Until next time, namasté my friends!


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