The Truth About Restorative Yoga

So I have to admit something: I’ve totally been putting this off. My holistic life coach has been gently suggesting I make my way to a restorative yoga class for about two months now, and last Friday night I finally took her advice and went.

And wow. Just wow.

Restorative yoga is just that- restorative. It aligns the physical body with the mind through subtle movement and stillness. You relax in different asanas for 5-7 minutes and lay there, still, alone with your mind.

So it begins…

I entered Evoke Yoga Studio in Hyannis, Massachusetts, as the class before me was leaving. Two ladies stopped me on the sidewalk to ask what I thought of restorative yoga, to which I confessed I had never tried it before. They gushed that I would love it at that studio, so it set it up really positively. Anyway, like most yoga studios, Evoke is really calming, with burning incense and soothing music. The class before was a hot yoga class so the studio was really warm, but in a good way.

Here we go…

The class collected our props and got settled, where Kristen explained what we would be doing. Holding each asana for 5-7 minutes sounded like a challenge, but it wasn’t. Using props, you’re fully supported in each asana and you can let your body simply relax- which is the whole point of restorative yoga. Your only job is to relax into the moment.

Woah, that felt great…

I left feeling like I had just enjoyed a massage which was actually partly true- in each asana, Kristen would come around and quickly massage the muscles that were engaged, bringing them to the ultimate relaxation. Essential oils were used too, for an aromatic experience.

For people with injuries it’s really easy to modify everything so everyone has an enjoyable experience. Personally, my muscles were all suuuuuper tight, but that’s okay. There’s no competition in yoga.

I don’t know why I ever went clubbing on Friday nights when there was restorative yoga to be done. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to relax- so, everyone! ❤

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