How to Climb Out of a Funk: Holistic Healing for Bad Days

Today is definitely a bad day, so I figure this is worth re-sharing. ❤

Stephanie Jean

I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to the term “bad day.” It doesn’t matter how zen you are- bad days happen. Things fall apart. Life jumps in your face. You can’t let go of something someone said to you. You stub your toe- you know those days. The days where everything just feels like shit.

I had one of those days today. My fiancé started training for his dream job this week, which he is incredibly busy with. This has taken our “together time” from many hours of quality time together after work every day, to about twenty minutes. He is still working from the time he gets home almost until he goes to bed- it’s intense. Please don’t misunderstand- I’m really, really proud of him, and so excited for what this means for our future. My positive feelings about the change certainly outweigh the negative, but I’ll be…

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