Seriously Good News: Week of 9/25

Community steps up to help Good Samaritan gruesomely beaten in Gravois Park
Rob Ludwig and his girlfriend intervened when they saw a teenager being harassed in the park, and the instigators turned their aggression on the couple. The community set up a GoFundMe for them which has surpassed its goal of $10,000.

How an airline helped a man with special needs take a big step toward independence
Southwest Airlines goes above and beyond expected customer service to help a man with special needs visit his uncle and expand his world.

See What This Officer Did for a Grieving Man at 3AM
Sergeant David Robison arrived after Mark Ross’s ride to be by his mother’s side in the wake of his sister’s death. Instead of taking Ross to jail on an outstanding warrant, Sgt. Robison prayed with him for his family, and drove him over 100 miles so Ross could be with his family during this time.

There was an Unbelievably Dramatic Wedding Proposal at the Yankees-Red Sox Game
Man proposes to his girlfriend during the game, but drops the box and loses the ring. The entire section springs into action and helps them find it. (Spoiler: she says yes!)


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