A Request

Hello, WordPress friends!

I am hoping you can help me with something…

I want to follow new blogs and fill up my reader. I’m seeking active bloggers who post interesting content, though I’m not limiting that. I’m looking for more than just recaps of days and complaints- I want substance! DIYs, foodies, lifestyle bloggers, travel blogs especially, good vibes, etc, I want it all.

Please help me out by recommending some of your favorite reads below in the comments section. I want to become more involved in the WordPress community, and what better way to do that than to hear from those of you who already are?

Thanks in advance!

With love,


6 thoughts on “A Request

  1. Hi Steph — I get something call Bloglovin in my inbox everyday. Food and travel are my favorites, but every now and then something catches my eye.
    Maybe you already know about it.

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  2. I would recommend the following blogs of the top of my head: Plethoric Thoughts, Diversion3000, justelm and eccentricgirl14 (I think) and finally justanaverageteen.

    Hope you find these suggestions useful. These blogs always make me smile, feel motivated, and inspired as well as shedding light in everyday happenings.

    Have a great day/night. Keep smiling!

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