Gratitude Journal: Honeymoon Edition

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’m big on gratitude! I thought I would take some time and reflect on this trip and all the ways I’m grateful for it (while my husband procrastinates showering and probably eventually ends up showering):

  1. The fact that we’re here.
    Look, I survived an international trip! After Costa Rica went so terribly wrong, I was all up in my own thoughts thinking this one would be terrible and tragic, too. I mean, you can’t tell me “that’ll never happen” because I have the concussion and the fake teeth to prove oh yes, it does. But having my strong husband by my side every step of the way was like inching my way back into cold water on a hot day, and eventually realizing, hey, this is actually kinda sorta really nice.
  2. The laughter.
    I feel sorry for our neighbors (though you’d think hotels would sound proof their rooms?!), because we’ve spent pretty much this entire trip laughing our asses off. E is truly my best friend, and we’ve had such a great time together. It makes me excited all over again for the life we get to live together. Thanks again for messaging me and asking me out all those years ago, babe!
  3. The sunsets.
    Sunsets are beautiful back home, too, but there’s just something about the silhouette of palm trees in the foreground and the thought that we have absolutely nowhere to be and nothing to do in the back of our mind that makes them all the more special here.
  4. Direct flights.
    Having direct flights means not having to worry about missing a connection- and as someone who has missed plenty of connections, this is a huge relief.
  5. The conversations.
    I’ve gotten to know my husband at a deeper level. We’ve talked about our families, our friends, and our histories in ways that simply haven’t come up before. It’s hard to explain, but it makes our relationship feel that much more right. There wasn’t any doubt before, don’t take it like that- just that I love knowing there’s still so much more to learn about each other.
  6. No cell phone service.
    I think it should be mandated for couples to spend at least a few days away from technology together every year. This is the second year we’ve done something like that, and believe me when I say this: there may be no cell phone reception, but you’ll find a better connection.
  7. Sleeping in.
    For the past few days I’ve slept until-gasp-11am. Back home I typically wake up between 6 and 7, even on my days off, and I like it like that. Buuuuuuut there’s something to be said for waking up slow and snuggly…
  8. The Aruban landscape.
    I have unfinished drafts about our activities saved that I plan to finish and publish later (remember, I’m not being disciplined about writing this week), and they include many adventures in nature. Nature is my temple and Aruba fascinates me- you could turn in one spot and see both tropical landscapes and the desert in those 360 degrees. We’ve seen wild donkeys, people. Wild. Donkeys. How freaking cool is that?!
  9. Arikok National Park.
    I’m a park junkie-and I don’t mean I shoot up in parks! I mean I’m obsessed with them. I’m like a less crazed Leslie Knope when it comes to parks. Arikok National Park is not immune from my obsession. I’ll get more into detail on a later post, but I will say that during our visit, I swam in a naturally formed pool, explored ancient caves, AND got a foot massage by some fish. All while soaking up the beautiful, untouched-by-humans landscapes.
  10. The heat.
    After the hottest, most brutal summer I can remember, you’d think we’d be looking to escape the heat. But no, we’re actually used to it by now. It was 96 degrees today, which had both E and I agreeing that it was chilly. Chilly! At 96 degrees! The same temperature that had me groaning not a few weeks before! Spending so much time outside in the heat has definitely forced us to adjust, and I sincerely doubt I’ll come home complaining about it not feeling like fall yet. Hell, when I get home, it’ll still be summer weather at mid-seventies but I’m sure I’ll be all in for baking with apples and Crock-Pot meals. Hell to the yes.
  11. Our tans.
    We have matching wedding band tan lines. How cool is that?!
  12. E named the iguanas.
    My husband is not a fan of scaly creatures. The mere mention of snakes sends him running. But the fact that iguanas are so common down here has lessened his freak out response, and tonight he even called them Iggy. Yes, they’re all collectively named Iggy.
  13. Just being with him in general.
    I’ve mentioned before that my love language is quality time. I’ve also mentioned before that my husband is a police officer, which means that quality time is often less available than “normal” couples. Having him all to myself for the past week, and for a couple more days, just makes me so happy. My heart is so full of love, I’m honestly starting to tear up, so I’m going to go ahead and end this gratitude list here. ❤

What are you grateful for today? I’d love to know in the comments!


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