An Open Letter to The One Who Tried to Change Me

Dear you,

Remember me? Surely you do. Once upon a time, we were close friends, conditionally. I say conditionally because you were like a cat- only into me when you wanted to be, or in other words, only into me when I fit your mold.

The moment I started stepping out of that mold, you’d hurt me. You’d try to shame me back into how you’d rather me be. You see, when I fit your image, I was embraced, loved, even doted upon. But when I didn’t, I was ridiculed, insulted, and argued with. It was like you tried to keep me contained in a box and when I tried to break out, you’d whip me with words until I became small enough to fit into your box again.

I’m so much stronger now.

It took me a long time to be able to see the damage you had done. You had me convinced there was something wrong with me, something wrong with the way I am, but I couldn’t ignore my true self. Life doesn’t work like that. Either we allow ourselves to be ourselves or we’re miserable, so I chose to let myself be myself. I certainly have my challenges and flaws, but at least I’m authentic in who I am.

The crazy thing is, the Universe rewarded me. I take a step back and look at my life now and I’m astounded. I have a husband and dear friends who get me- and even if they don’t get what I’m about, they still accept it without question but with so much love. So much love. I’m even smiling just thinking about them.

It’s been years since we’ve crossed paths. You and I didn’t have a friendship that was meant to last, but that’s okay. I wish you nothing but happiness, and genuinely hope you’re well.

Thinking of you,

Selfies for dayzzzz.

Life is like a book. Some friends are only there for a page, some for a chapter, and true friends are there for the whole story.


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