Daycation: Woods Hole

Today my husband and I had a miraculous day off together! It happens once in a blue moon and we decided to take advantage. We decided to take a day trip down to Woods Hole, Massachusetts- from where we live we could make the trip while avoiding highways and Cape traffic. We also knew that by wandering around town we wouldn’t spend too much money, which we are currently trying to save for our honeymoon.

There really wasn’t much going on.

I had fun because I was with my husband and we always have fun together, but to be honest, Woods Hole is a little boring. Maybe if we were wandering through town on our way to Martha’s Vineyard but as a final destination the village was blah. We enjoyed iced tea at Coffee Obsession, but Pie in the Sky was really crowded.

We bought an hour of meter time and felt as though we had seen it all with only six minutes left. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend. Our planned day-cation was actually only an afternoon-cation, and on our way home we made some stops to Cupcake Charlie’s in Mashpee Commons for tonight’s desserts, and Fancy’s Market in Osterville for dinner provisions.

Having the day with my husband was wonderful, however, and I’m looking forward to our honeymoon where we get sooooo much time together! Cue the butterflies and the heart-skipping-beats thing.


One thought on “Daycation: Woods Hole

  1. Next time you go that way you should hike out to The Knob in Quisset. You would love it. M took me there on one of our first dates and it was a regular stop (a couple of times a year) for our Playgroup. We’d do Woods Hole Aquarium and then have a picnic at The Knob. We should all go sometime!


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