Notes from The Universe

I’m going through a lot in my life right now and it’s soooooo easy to fall into a depressive trap over it. I could very, very easily sit on my ass and watch Netflix all day and rot away on the couch without much of a second thought, BUT I want better than that for myself. So I refuse. It’s funny, though, the way giving into depression is so much easier than fighting it. It doesn’t take much to get into that place but it takes a hell of a lot to keep yourself out when it’s part of your present.

One tool I use to keep my spirits high is an email service called Notes from the Universe. Every morning there’s a positive message delivered to my inbox- it’s the first thing I read every day. Somehow it always knows what I need to hear.

After receiving some bad news (the type of bad news that lets you know more is on the way) last night, I woke up to this message in my inbox. It was exactly the right words I needed for comfort- amazing how that happens, huh?

To sign up for your own daily emails from the Universe, head on over to 🙂 until next time, namasté my friends.

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