Crystal Spotlight: Rose Quartz

Hello friends! Today I am here to talk to you briefly about one of the more essential crystals, rose quartz. I say this is essential because a) it’s common, and b) it promotes inner peace. So why NOT add it to your collection?

Rose quartz is a pink quartz that inspires a feminine energy. As such, it is a very popular stone among women, said to have powers of self love, inner beauty, and perception of outer beauty. It promotes a general sense of zen, connection, confidence and well-being. Honored by ancient Egyptians, Romans and Asian cultures, it has actually been found in ancient tombs. It is connected to the heart chakra.

Rose quartz is said to be effective in attracting new relationships, whether they be friendships or romantic relationships. I would recommend keeping one on your nightstand, and a smaller one in your purse or pocket on days when you need an extra boost of confidence.

As always, I recommend finding and purchasing a crystal that speaks to you. I have rose quartz for sale at my Etsy shop which I highly recommend. 😉 Etsy is a great place to shop for crystals; I haven’t been disappointed yet. Good luck to you! ❤



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