Yoga Journey: Getting Back My Flow

Something regular readers of my blog know about me: I love yoga.

Something readers of my blog also know: I was in a serious accident on January 4th.

Something very few people know: I haven’t been able to practice yoga since the accident.

When I was hit over the head with a falling jetski, I received a concussion. Somewhere in the accident or in the rescue, I also damaged my big toe on my right foot. The xrays came back without a break, but it was definitely hurt- swollen, black and blue, unable to withstand pressure. Between these two injuries, yoga wasn’t happening.

I tried doing yoga during my recovery. I tried with my normal flow and found very, very quickly that my toe was not going to withstand downward facing dog. So, I looked up modifications, tried some out and ended up on my mat crying out of frustration. I couldn’t practice the way I was used to, I felt dizzy even bowing for namaste, I was a mess. I felt like I had lost my center, and for a couple months I didn’t even go looking for it.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how I need to get back into my yoga and meditation flow. It’s the perfect time of year to pick the practices back up again. I’ve had these thoughts for a couple days but haven’t made time to act on them… until today.

The universe really got me today.

I went into the hair salon for some highlights, and since those take a while, my stylist and I got to talking. Turns out she’s an energy healer. We spent the whole time talking about crystals and meditation and healing and her trip to Sedona (so jealous). It was just so awesome to be able to talk out loud about those interests with someone who totally got it, and could even offer me some advice! It was just really cool, and it really reminded me how important those things are to me.

While I was at the salon, I received a text from my friend, the same friend who I recently did Zumba with (don’t you just love fun fitness friends?). She invited me to a yoga class this Saturday, so I moved some things around so I can go… and that also reminded me how important yoga is to me.

So when I got home I intended to get back my flow.

I intended to set up my usual space with calming music and crystals and to set an intention, but the second I rolled out my mat I was immediately drawn to it. I didn’t have music, crystals, didn’t set an intention, nothing. It was like my body took over and said get on the mat right now, I need this.

I had been worried I would have to start at square one flexibility wise (before yoga I had been about as flexible as a pencil) but that wasn’t the case. Sure, the first down dog was rough, but it was like my muscles knew exactly what they were doing. My heart rate was up, I sweat, my muscles worked, and I feel great.

I’m happy to say I got back my flow.

*This post was mainly for me. If you read this far, thank you! ❤


2 thoughts on “Yoga Journey: Getting Back My Flow

  1. “before yoga I had been about as flexible as a pencil” I loved that part 😀 I used to be more flexible, but I took it for granted and as the years passed, and many miles cycled I noticed how I became less flexible. Frustrating. But I found a video on youtube; yoga for cyclists and I did that a few times and gradually the positions got easier… until the “Pigeon Pose” hurt one of my toes! I’m pretty sure it was that – I relaxed too much into it and overstretched something… it took me some weeks to get back to normal, and gradually start the yoga again… carefully. Good luck with yours 🙂

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    1. Oh no! I understand that, I’ve pulled a few muscles too far practicing yoga. Glad to hear it didn’t deter you from trying again! Good luck to you as well 🙂

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