Throwback Thursday: Our Love Story!


In thirty-seven days we’re getting married, so I wanted to take a few minutes and write down our love story to this point- for posterity’s sake, you know?


We met in sixth grade when we were assigned seats next to each other in every class. Look how adorable he was, separated by every other yearbook picture by my fat purple Magic Marker around his picture, indicating he was my friend that year. He even came to my birthday party that year, one of three boys from my class I invited (the other two I had grown up with, so it was a sure sign of friendship).

I always knew he had a crush on me. You know how? We were sitting in social studies or homeroom, I can’t remember which class was taking place at the time, when he marched across the room to my desk. He raised his hand in a wave, said “hi” and quickly retreated back to his laughing friends. It looked like a dare from where I sat, and it was clear that was flirting. I can picture it clear as day, but he doesn’t remember it… and I don’t blame him. It probably mortified him, I mean how many 11 year olds do you know with the guts to talk to their crush face to face? I always remembered that incident and always admired him for it.

Sixth grade ended and we were placed in classes at opposite ends of the school and we didn’t have any together in high school or the year we attended the same college before I transferred out. We’d smile and nod in the hallways, chat briefly when we met in public, but never anything to indicate where our future might go.

One night I was sitting in my crappy Boston apartment when I received a Facebook message from long lost E. We chatted and briefly caught up-where are you living, what are you studying-and he surprised me with bravery again. He asked me out for drinks when we were both going home, which happened to be that weekend.

It was the first first date in awhile that I was excited for. The night before he asked me out, I had bonded with my roommate over how awful dating is. But then I went on the first date with E, and he changed my mind.

I’m going to skip the part about my car being totaled and having to cancel our first date and skip to the part where it actually happened. He picked me up and my house and came to the door, where I invited him in and he met my sister’s new puppy.


So we went out for drinks and it was immediately comfortable… lucky, too, because my sister was working at the restaurant we went to, and she made herself comfortable by checking on our date often. And it didn’t make him run, which is important, because my relationship with my sister is numero uno and getting that introduction to her intensity was good right off the bat. 😛

That night we spent five hours together when we had only meant to grab drinks. We talked so much through drinks we got dinner and dessert, too, to prolong the end of the date… and then we saw a movie to prolong it further. It was perfect. He walked me to the door, left me with a hug (we’d later learn we both wanted a kiss) and texted me when he got home to let me know he was safe. Best first date ever.

Our second date was a lunch date right before I left for Boston that weekend, and our third date was in Boston the following weekend. He just so happened to be coming to the city for a fundraiser, so we took advantage of the opportunity to see each other. We went out for dinner at PF Chang’s where my fortune was “Your eyes will soon be opened to a world of beauty, charm and adventure.” That night he kissed me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I still have the fortune. ❤

For the first year and seven months of our relationship we lived in different states 3+ hours from each other while we each earned our his ‘n hers BAs in sociology (technically he majored in criminal justice, minored in sociology, but at my college criminal justice was under the umbrella of sociology SO it’s cute to me). I cried my eyes out at his graduation when it meant that chapter was finally over and we could be together full time for the first time. I was worried about the adjustment, but just like everything else in our relationship it came naturally. I actually think being in an LDR prepared me for police wife life, because ten minutes a day is better than going days or weeks at a time, and when he is gone at least he’ll be close by.

Anywaysssssss, the long distance ended and I’m here to tell you, almost two years later, that it is STILL exciting to me. I haven’t stopped getting excited to see him walk through the door every day. It’s the little everyday things that we couldn’t do before make me so happy… I don’t know. If you’ve never closed the distance on an LDR I don’t know if I could explain it to you. But if you WILL I can confidently tell you from the other side that it is just as amazing and as worth it as you think it will be.

He proposed on December 21st, 2014, at a park on the harbor underneath trees strung up with Christmas lights. We were totally and completely alone, it was perfect, and we talked for a minute before he got down on one knee and popped the question. It was beautiful. It is a walk I will absolutely remember forever. ❤

Since he popped the question, we have moved in together, he obtained his dream job as a police officer for our hometown, and attended and completed a physically and mentally demanding police academy where the significant others were basically told to kiss our student officers goodbye for six months, as they would be checked out of the relationship. And it was true, but I know he appreciates the sacrifice- he came home with flowers for me every week. I swoon every time. And one time I went to Florida for a few days, and when I came home he said he needed my help. He just makes me feel so appreciated and loved. I’m so lucky.

We’re getting married on April 30th. I can’t believe it’s almost here and I’m almost going to be a wife. And that someone so incredible is going to be my husband. And it’s only the beginning.



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