February 2016 Self Love Challenge

Hey guys, I just heard from Cupid. He’s shining up his arrow. Hope you’re ready.

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that is both loved and hated. It’s a lonely and depressing time for some people, which is amplified simply because love and romance is everywhere. When I was single, I would buy myself a piece of jewelry, grab a carton of Ben and Jerry’s, and watch Netflix all night. It was a date with myself.

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day should be about love on a more universal level and not so limited to couples. I love Leslie Knope’s Galentines Day and think that should be an official holiday. I mean, what about the love you feel for your family, your friends or your pets? Not to mention, most importantly, self love?

Even if you’re in a relationship, self love is vital. Those who report feeling love towards themselves also report feeling happier, healthier, more appreciated, more productive, and all around feel better than those who have low self confidence.

Like anything worthwhile, self love takes work. It takes practice. It’s hard on some days. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to just… not. But please, let me tell you that it’s worth it. Self love leads to confidence which leads to opportunities which could lead who knows where.

For the month of February, I intend to participate in a self love challenge for 29 days. I invite you to do yourself this favor and participate with me. I came across this challenge on Twitter, RTed by a friend onto my timeline. When you see something like that the day before the challenge begins, you kind of have to take it as a sign. So here I am.

image1 (1)
via @khempwick on Twitter

You’re encouraged to take a picture and document each day, though I am not going to promise to do that every single day. I will certainly do my best, but I don’t think documentation is the most important part of this challenge.

Will you do this with me?

If this is something that interests you, let me know! I’m very excited about this and hope I’ll be able to stick to it. Good luck, beauties. I hope you have a wonderful month!

Miles Traveled in January: 4,760


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