Baby, It’s Cold Outside: 30 Ways to Stay Entertained When You’re Snowed In

This weekend the eastern US has been slammed with Winter Storm Jonas, which dumped more than two feet of snow in some areas. Some people got hit yesterday and it’ll end today, but for those of us in the northeast, it’s just beginning.

I love snow days. I love them even more as an adult than I did as a kid. I look at snow storms as Mother Nature’s way of saying “slow down, take it easy, stay inside and rest.” If you can stay home in the snow, please do! It’s safer that way. Even if you’re a seasoned Northerner who’s seen your fair share of storms like me, you can’t guarantee that everyone on the road knows how to drive in these conditions. In fact, if you’re a seasoned winter pro, you know that most people can’t.

I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to keep warm and entertained as the pretty white stuff falls down outside. Some of this stuff requires electricity, but some doesn’t. Here we go!

  1. Read.
  2. Play board games.
  3. Tell stories by candlelight.
  4. Curl up under blankets and watch a movie.
  5. Blog.
  6. Journal.
  7. Make a list of things to be grateful for.
  8. Plan a (real or pretend) trip to a tropical destination.
  9. Drink hot chocolate.
  10. Make love.
  11. Do yoga.
  12. Have a dance party.
  13. Drink up (no one’s driving, right?).
  14. Play “never have I ever” (you can make this appropriate for all ages if you really try).
  15. Have an at home spa day.
  16. Do your hair and makeup in crazy ways.
  17. Paint your nails.
  18. Call an old friend.
  19. Write a letter.
  20. Write a letter to a company complimenting a product you like.
  21. Research something you’re interested in, just for fun.
  22. Knit.
  23. Bake something.
  24. Put your favorite blanket in the dryer for 10 minutes, take it out and take a nap under it.
  25. Color or draw, whether that’s in a coloring book or you just take out some writing utensils and put them to paper however you feel inspired.
  26. Write a short story.
  27. Snuggle up.
  28. Watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see.
  29. Try a new recipe.
  30. Stand by a window and watch the snow fall for an extended amount of time without your phone in your hand. Enjoy it.

As much of a pain snow can be, I hope you are finding ways to appreciate it. Like I said to my dad yesterday as he griped about the snow, we do choose to live here. We should know by now that snow is a risk we take. And if not, I hear Florida is looking better than ever. 😉

Until next time, namasté and stay warm! Xoxo…

The aftermath of a winter storm in 2015. Centerville, Massachusetts

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