December Goals Check In/2016 Goals!

It’s that time of month again!

Goals Check In

  • Stay out of Internet comment sections.
    Complete! My Facebook is completely gone, solving that problem for good.
  • Document the fun.
    I believe I did this, but I would still like to improve upon it! Lucky me got a very nice DSLR for Christmas this year, so I’ll be using that as motivation. 🙂
  • Yoga six times a week.
  • Finish my books.

All of my goals were completed, and what a great month it was!

Miles traveled in December: 655.
Miles traveled in 2015 (in only the two months I’ve been tracking…): 4,103.

2016 Goals

  • Live in the moment.
    2016 is supposed to be a big year for me- I’m getting married! I’m soooo excited to begin our life together. I really want to throw myself into every moment and embrace it, since it’ll probably go by quickly.
  • Add to my gratitude jar every day.
  • Write in my one line memory journal every day.
  • Say yes to opportunities that would normally be outside of my comfort zone.


I’m really excited for 2016 and can’t wait to see what the year has to bring.



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