What Is She Wearing?!: Stacks on Stacks of Bracelets

One of the best parts of getting ready for the day is accessorizing. I have a couple choice pieces I always wear, but I also like to make bold statements about my personality or mood through my accessories. I know I’m not alone in this! My general picks always have some sort of meaning and good thought attached. Maybe it even makes getting through my day a little easier. ūüėČ

I thought I would blog about my current stack, that is currently clicky-clacking against my keyboard. Here it is!


I tried to lighten the picture so you could see better- it’s 8am here but so dark with rain you’d think it was 8pm! Not so great for lighting purposes.

From left to right…

  1. Pura Vida Save The Orcas: Anti-Captivity Bracelet. Pura Vida is one of my favorite places to get bracelets from, and this particular one represents a cause that means a lot to me. The bracelet costs $5 with free shipping anywhere in the US, and $1 is donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Pura Vida is a great company- they employ local artisans in Costa Rica to handmake these bracelets, and they have partnerships with dozens of charities to raise awareness and money. Check out Pura Vida here!
  2. Pandora charm bracelet. My wonderful fianc√© is the man behind this one. He’s gifted me with the bracelet and three charms so far- an elephant, starfish with my birthstone, and a scallop with my first real pearl. I know how much love there is behind these charms, so it really makes me feel good to wear them. I’ve always had this hopeless romantic attachment to charm bracelets, and I am crazy thankful he’s made another one of my dreams come true. ‚̧
  3. A handmade friendship bracelet with a charm that reads “I Love my Policeman.”¬†I opened up the mail one day to find this precious gift from a friend of mine. She said in the note that accompanied it, she saw that charm and thought it would be perfect for me. And I have to say she was right- I do love my policeman and am crazy proud of him. It meant so much to receive this gift, and wearing it reminds me of both my friend and my love.
  4. A chakra balancing bracelet. I got this one while visiting the same friend who made me the bracelet just above. I found it at a booth at the county fair that also sold a bunch of crystals, however I lost their name so I don’t have that to share.
    IMG_3493I love this bracelet! It helps me feel connected to my chakras and keeps me balanced. And if I need a quick meditation, I’ve got aids on my wrist all day to enhance my experience. AND it’s beautiful. Wins all around.
  5. A¬†turquoise beaded Hamsa bracelet.¬†A Hamsa is a symbol of protection that is said to bring blessings, power and strength, commonly used in the Middle East and North Africa. Turquoise is symbolic of the sky, and used all over the world in ancient times as a stone symbolic of luck. (Quick aside here: am I the only one who thinks it’s amazing that ancient civilizations, who had no idea one another existed, often used the same materials in their ritualistic and spiritual work?) I bought this bracelet when a friend opened her Etsy shop- which I highly reccomend! Check out¬†EuphoricGems here!
  6. My original Eden Cape Cod bracelet.¬†This bracelet is symbolic of a Cape Cod girl. I have had this bracelet since I was 11 and I have taken it off three times. It’s basically part of me. When I was that age, everyone and their mother (and every other female relative on Cape Cod) bought an Eden bracelet. They came in silver and silver with a golden screwball, and as the years passed, more variety was added to the collection. BUT there was only one person who made the authentic ones, and it required standing in line for at least two hours to go into a small shack on a side road to purchase them. My mom, sister and I did it one sunny Saturday afternoon, and it was worth it. Rumor has it that the creator of the bracelet didn’t actually like the design, but the popularity exploded and now they’re an icon.

Do you have a favorite accessory? Tell me in the comments! Namasté until next time, friends.


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