My Glassblowing Experience!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I went glassblowing last weekend with some good friends in New Hampshire! Not only was it a great excuse to see my friends, I also got to drive over a covered bridge for the first time as a driver (THEY’RE SO CUTE AND CHARMING OMG) AND experience a glassblowing class! It was a really great 24 hours.

On Saturday when we woke up, we went to a little diner and got some breakfast. Then, J and I took a tour of her hometown and she showed me all the covered bridges (which no, I’m still not over! We don’t have those here, they’re adorable, and just made me fall in love with New Hampshire even more) and leaf peeped. And soon it was time to go glassblowing!

Terrapin Glassblowing in Jaffrey, NH, was bright, warm and welcoming. The store organized its pieces by color, and ranged from flowers to pumpkins to vases to jellyfish lamps. I had to stop myself from draining my bank account buying the art- it was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, but definitely go give their website a visit! Soon we began our lesson, and let me be the first to tell you, glassblowing is hard. Luckily, the owner of the studio is super helpful, patient, and won’t let you mess up! She walks you through each step, from picking up the glass to rolling it in color to blowing it to molding it to finally adding the stem, and in the end you have a beautiful piece of art. And the best part is you made it yourself!

The glass is required to cool overnight, so if you’re from far away, they will ship it to you. I got mine in three days.

I had a TON of fun with this experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Young, old, it doesn’t matter, everyone would enjoy this. There were a bunch of different types of groups also enjoying glassblowing lessons.


I have sooooo many fun and interesting things coming up. Over the next three months, I have one trip planned and one trip currently in the process of being planned, so I’ll have some more travel posts like this one to share! I also love this time of year and the holiday season so I’m hoping to share some of my recipes and crafts on theme for that. Not to mention the fact that we are six months and five days out from our wedding day (eeeeeeeek!!!!). Plus continuously, I’ll be bringing forward green living tips, green product reviews, healthy living and zen tips! Until next time…



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