Happy World Elephant Day!

Today, we celebrate the wonderful animals known as elephants! Elephants are my favorite animals- my soul resonates with them, you know? They’re so kind and gentle, and they value one another. They set good examples for us.

Aside from being beautiful and kind, they’re also in danger. Elephants are poached for their ivory because of its high value. Did you know that elephants mourn the death of their family members, just like humans do? Just about 100 years ago, there were a few million elephants roaming in the wild. Now, there are fewer than 750,000.

But we can’t give up! There are plenty of ways we can help.

For one, we can donate to a nonprofit that supports elephants, such as SaveTheElephants.org or The Elephant Sanctuary. (If you do choose to donate, I encourage you to do your own research and donate to a charity you believe in and feels right for you!)

Also, you can shop! Ivory Ella has great, high quality shirts, and they donate 10% of the sale of each shirt to SaveTheElephants.org.

Or, you could take a second out of your day and sign a petition. I urge you to Google “elephant petition” and sign one that resonates with you.

Thank you for showing the elephants some love. They are truly amazing creatures.

Do you love animals? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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