Good Vibes. No Limits.

Hey there beautiful people!

Welcome to my little corner of the webiverse! My name is Stephanie. I’m twenty four years old, a young professional, eco friendly, all about good vibes and living a natural life. I’m also engaged to the love of my life and planning our wedding, so I’ve got quite a bit going on (and so much to share)!

I was inspired to start a blog by some beautiful ladies I’ll introduce later. Long story short- they reinspired my love of writing, and all have their own blogs or blog aspirations, so namastephanie was born. (shout-out to my #hopeandpeaceretreat ladies!)

The mission of my blog is to spread good vibes with no limits. What that means is, I want to spread happiness and joy, and maybe help a few souls along the way. I’ll be posting musings and tips related (but not limited) to natural health and beauty, recipes, eco-friendly lifestyle, vegetarianism, wellness, inner peace, culture and society, along with whatever else comes to mind and some personal thoughts thrown in there too.

In short: I want everyone to leave my page with a curious thought in their head, if not totally inspired.

Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to taking this journey- let the fun begin! xoxoxo…
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