12 Small Ways to Make Your World a Better Place

1. Recycle. Instead of throwing that piece of paper in the trash, throw it in the recycling bin instead. Do this as often as you can.

2. Give out a compliment. It’ll brighten that person’s day, and it’ll make you shine a little brighter.

3. Take a deep breath. Rather than swear up a storm when someone cuts you off, why not take a deep breath and let it go? They don’t care about your anger, so it’s only affecting you.

4. Call your mom. Or your dad, or sister, or brother, or grandmother. Call a family member just to say hello.

5. Contribute a small act of kindness to the world. Whether that’s paying for someone’s coffee or picking up something they dropped, small acts go long ways.

6. Donate. Your time, your money, your spare change. Again, small donations make big differences.

7. Get off social media. Social media is an energy drain- it’ll certainly make your world a better place if you get off of it for awhile.

8. Tell someone you love them.

9. Meditate. Clear your mental space for a few minutes. Even if it’s hard, even if your thoughts just won’t go away, giving yourself a ten minute break from having to think will give you clarity.

10. Stretch. Stretch your body and stretch those tight muscles. When your body feels good, your mind feels good, and when your mind feels good, you can contribute to positive change.

11. Thank someone. Thank them for inspiring you, thank them for being polite, thank them for being themselves. Show gratitude to the people around you.

12. Apologize. For whatever it is you did wrong- even if it was just interrupting someone’s story, and even if you didn’t mean to.

What sort of ways do you make your world a better place? Feel free to share in the comments!


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